1. Documenting and playing around with some of the mail I sent while hiking the Appalachian Trail last year. Very excited to be exhibiting it at the Laband Art Gallery next fall; working through how to display it.


  2. "I did one of my most bizarre lectures up at the Rhode Island School of Design. It consisted of me trying to move a piano across a stage, and people kept coming up to ask if they could help, and I said, ‘Certainly not! I mean the point is that I can’t move this piano, and I’m struggling to move it, and it’s obviously a great exertion of energy, and I’m on a public platform, and you are all viewing me, which is the whole point of this thing.’ I said. ‘You figure it out.’"
    — Ray Johnson, statement recorded in Henry Martin, “Should an Eyelash Last Forever: An Interview with Ray Johnson”
  3. Follow up in Hagerman, Idaho of my ever evolving project, Contact with Mystery.  A big thank you to Zach Voss of Retroscope Media and Valerie Meiners for helping me put this video together and to The Charm School for providing community support and funding for art-makers. 

  4. the-disposable-project:

    The Disposable Project on view in the Bay Area

    Flyer by Erin Mallea

    Glad to have had the opportunity to help friend and photographer, Raul Guerrero, with some promotion for his current endeavor The Disposable Project. Hoping to help him bring and exhibit the photographs in other locations!

  5. In Grinnell, Iowa for the next five weeks for a residency at the Grin City Collective. Looking forward to further developing current projects, collaborations, and community outreach. 


  6. "The purpose of the [art] collection had been to prove how generous and useful and sensitive billionaires could be. The collection had turned out to be a perfectly gorgeous investment, as well."
    — Kurt Vonnegut, The Sirens of Titan
  7. Contact with Mystery feedback and the interesting / upsetting / exciting / accidental / revealing / comedic space between intention and actualization.  

  8. Demystifying mystery and documenting project follow-up in Hagerman, Idaho with the help of Retroscope Media this past weekend.

  9. Starting Contact with Mystery recipient follow up. Hoping to document some interviews on film with the help of Retroscope Media. Interesting, insightful, comedic, paradoxical findings to come!

  10. Headed to the Grin City Collective in Grinnel, Iowa in September for an artist’s residency and community outreach experience. Thrilled that my time there will coincide with the Rurally Good Festival, the annual fall arts and harvest festival.

  11. Roughly 850 contacts with mystery recently sent in the mail.

  12. 850 postcard stamps for my mail-based project “Contact with Mystery” and a curious advertising campaign by the USPS. I will be sending handmade parcels to hundreds of strangers by mailing them to every resident in five rural communities in Idaho. The package includes a postcard with prepaid postage and an invitation for the recipients to take the time to write a letter to an individual in their lives. Will be sending them this next week!

  13. Incoming mail, part of artist Elijah Jensen Lindsey’s Dying Letter Office Project.

  14. They’ve all come to look for America: California & Oregon

  15. They’ve all come to look for America: San Francisco & San Jose